Verification process for ENERGY STAR certified buildings

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After 15 years and close to 25,000 ENERGY STAR certified buildings, EPA is reviewing the process for verifying building applications for ENERGY STAR certification. In particular, EPA is re-examining the requirement that only licensed professionals (professional engineers and registered architects) can verify and stamp applications. 

Submit your comments on EPA’s verification process

We’d like your input on whether any changes can reduce the barriers to certification while maintaining the integrity of the verification process. 

To learn more, download EPA’s background document, which summarizes the current verification process and rationale for this requirement.

Comments due August 15

We welcome your comments by August 15, 2014 on any aspect of the ENERGY STAR verification process. There are two ways to submit comments:

Guiding questions to consider

To help you focus your input, we’ve included a few specific questions in the background document, which we’ve provided for reference below.    

  1. EPA has identified cost and availability of licensed professionals as barriers to ENERGY STAR certification of commercial buildings.  Do you agree that these are the right barriers, or are other barriers important instead, or in addition to these?
  2. Would allowing additional categories of credentialed professionals to verify applications for ENERGY STAR certification help to lower the barriers to certification?  Why or why not?
  3. If EPA were to allow additional categories of credentialed professionals to verify ENERGY STAR applications, what impact, if any, would this have on the integrity and value of ENERGY STAR certification? Are there additional safeguards EPA could implement to limit the impact?
  4. What criteria should ENERGY STAR use to determine which additional credentialed professionals could verify ENERGY STAR applications?
  5. Are there other ways that EPA could lower the barriers to ENERGY STAR certification while maintaining its integrity and value?
  6. Do you have any other comments on the verification process for ENERGY STAR buildings?

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