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This picture shows the first page of the ENERGY STAR score for hospitals in Canada document.

The ENERGY STAR Score for Hospitals in Canada applies to general medical hospitals, including critical access hospitals and children’s hospitals. The objective of the ENERGY STAR score is to provide a fair assessment of the energy performance of a property, relative to its peers, taking into account the climate, weather, and business activities at the property.

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Use this three-page checklist of low-cost O&M practice to identify opportunities, assign responsibility, and track progress toward goals at your facility.

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EPA’s ENERGY STAR Healthcare Energy Savings Financial Analysis Calculators are designed to calculate the financial impact of improved energy performance for your organization. Organizations that reduce energy expenses and improve energy performance increase both their bottom line and their market valuation. These calculators are specially designed to help healthcare organizations quantify cumulative savings and communicate the value of their savings by translating it into metrics that resonate with key decision makers.

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