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Image of a man in an industrial building to evaluate energy performance.

As an energy service and product provider (SPP), you already know that saving energy makes sense. After all, most commercial buildings could use up to 30 percent less energy through money-saving investments in energy efficiency. Using less energy also contributes fewer greenhouse gas emissions to the environment, making it one of the best available paths for our nation to energy security, job growth, and environmental protection. 

Build your business with ENERGY STAR.

Despite the straightforward math, it’s still a market with huge potential for growth. Energy efficiency represents the fastest, cheapest, and largest untapped solution for reducing energy use, lowering energy bills, and preventing greenhouse gas emissions.

SPPs play a vital role in helping commercial buildings unlock these savings and run more efficiently. Whether helping their clients benchmark energy performance, finding unique ways to improve efficiency, or cutting costs, SPPs are on the front lines, delivering financial savings and greenhouse gas reductions to an entire industry.

And as it’s done for more than two decades, EPA’s ENERGY STAR program provides SPPs with the tools and resources they need to tap this market and add value for their clients. Get started today.

1-100 ENERGY STAR Score for Multifamily Housing

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