Promote your ability to exchange data with Portfolio Manager

Use the following materials to educate your employees, your business partners, and potential and existing clients about what you can offer by providing web services with Portfolio Manager. These materials can also be used to promote your partnership with ENERGY STAR.

Communicate effectively with handouts, training materials, and fact sheets

Get listed in the ENERGY STAR “Expert Help” directory

  • Join as an ENERGY STAR partner and get access to the ENERGY STAR logo, get listed online in the “Expert Help” directory, and get the opportunity to participate in recognition opportunities for you and your clients
  • Set a goal to appear on the most active service and product providers list. Leverage your listing to demonstrate your ENERGY STAR expertise.

Develop client relationships

  • Client development:
    • Review the ENERGY STAR partner list for potential clients. ENERGY STAR partners have committed to benchmarking their facilities as a part of their partnership agreement.
    • Look at past ENERGY STAR Award winners
    • Look up which organizations have ENERGY STAR certified buildings and plants to see which companies are currently benchmarking their facilities. The companies that are already benchmarking may need help expanding their benchmarking across their entire portfolio or keeping the facility benchmarking data up to date.
  • Voluntary and legislative initiatives: For geographic-specific marketing and sales efforts, review the list of legislation and campaigns leveraging ENERGY STAR. These areas are hot beds for ENERGY STAR benchmarking and present opportunities for service providers to assist customers with participation in these initiatives.

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