Use web services to exchange data with Portfolio Manager

EPA offers a complete application programming interface to allow you to exchange data with Portfolio Manager. You can use this suite of REST-based web services to enter data into Portfolio Manager on behalf of your customers, and receive ENERGY STAR metrics to incorporate into your own energy information software and services.

Save your customers time and deliver the added value of ENERGY STAR metrics through this real-time and seamless exchange of data.

Learn more about Portfolio Manager web services, including technical resources.

What you can do with Portfolio Manager web services

Software providers, utilities, and building management companies can use Portfolio Manager’s flexible web services to meet their clients’ specific needs:

  • Import customer data into Portfolio Manager: Your customers can request that you import their energy data directly into their Portfolio Manager accounts. This saves them time and lets them view and track ENERGY STAR scores in their Portfolio Manager account without the hassle of entering utility bill data every month.
  • Export metrics out of Portfolio Manager: For service providers who offer their own energy information tools or software packages, you can incorporate Portfolio Manager metrics as a value-added service, allowing your customers to view their ENERGY STAR scores and other metrics directly within your software or information services.

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