Step 7: Recognize achievements and build on your successes

Earn recognition for your clients

Maintain momentum and support for your clients' energy programs by helping them recognize achievements.

  • Apply for ENERGY STAR certification for your clients’ buildings and industrial facilities.
  • Don’t forget: new construction can quickly become part of your clients’ portfolios. Help clients set appropriate energy use targets at the new design phase and designate designs with EPA’s Designed to Earn the ENERGY STAR recognition. Learn more about designing commercial buildings.
  • Help your clients celebrate their ENERGY STAR certified building or industrial facility.
    • Help customers create and post a building profile, highlighting the steps taken to make their facilities more energy efficient. Find instructions within Portfolio Manager.
    • Provide customers with a press release template and other communications materials to announce their ENERGY STAR. See the communications toolkit for samples.
    • Help your client draft a success story for posting on the ENERGY STAR website.
  • Encourage select clients to apply for the prestigious ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year Award, which recognizes companies for outstanding energy management, and for communicating the energy efficiency message to other audiences. Read more about the annual ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year Awards.
  • Create an internal recognition program within your customers' organization to reinforce the value of energy efficiency and motivate employees toward greater improvements.
  • Review achievements, and develop a next-steps implementation plan. Offer continued operations and maintenance services or your next tier of services and products to customers to facilitate continuous energy improvement.