Step 6: Document results and evaluate progress

Once you have your action plan underway, it’s important to check in on how things are progressing. Review both the energy use data and the activities carried out and compare them to your client’s performance goals.

Portfolio Manager and the Industrial Energy Performance Indicators can help you:

  • Measure the effectiveness of projects and programs
    • Compare performance against goals for environmental performance and financial savings. Portfolio Manager "Views" include cost savings, allowing you to quickly and clearly provide customers with a progress update or statistics summary
    • Compare customers' energy performance to their peers and competitors using the 1 – 100 ENERGY STAR score or Energy Use Intensity (EUI) index to understand how their performance ranks
  • Identify additional savings opportunities that can be leveraged for future initiatives
  • Document progress
    • Use Portfolio Manager to summarize important energy information and building characteristics such as site and source energy intensity and CO2 emissions
    • Use Portfolio Manager reports to generate a summary of energy, financial, and environmental performance for each facility in your client’s portfolio
    • Engage customers in continuous improvement through regular or periodic benchmarking
  • Review the action plan you helped design for your client
    • Solicit feedback from customers' energy team, implementation staff, and other departments
    • Assess changes in employee awareness of energy
    • Identify factors that contributed to surpassing or missing targets
  • Identify and quantify other benefits arising from energy management, such as employee comfort, productivity improvement, impact on sales, reduced operation and maintenance expenses, or better public/community relations

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