Service and product provider’s marketing toolkit

As an ENERGY STAR partner, you already have a big marketing advantage. Use the following materials to promote your partnership.

Provide a link to your website from the ENERGY STAR website

Follow these linking policy guidelines if you want your listing on the ENERGY STAR website to hyperlink to your company’s website.

Use the ENERGY STAR logo

If you’re an ENERGY STAR partner, you can use the ENERGY STAR Partner mark or the Learn More at ENERGYSTAR.GOV promotional mark on your marketing materials. Logos can be accessed after reading the ENERGY STAR Identity Guidelines.

Issue a press release

Announce to the world that your company is working with ENERGY STAR to improve the energy performance of your clients’ buildings by implementing proven energy management strategies.

Customize our service and product provider press release template.

Hand out sector-specific marketing flyers

Distribute these documents to your customers and potential customers to show them how a service and product provider can help them make energy decisions that are good for their bottom line and the environment. Each flyer has sector-specific messages that will resonate with your prospective clients:

Create a customizable marketing brochure

As an SPP partner, you gain access to numerous co-branding materials to leverage your partnership with ENERGY STAR. These materials highlight the expertise of SPP partners in delivering improved facility energy performance, financial savings, and helpful energy information services to energy users in specific commercial and institutional sectors. Contact your SPP account manager to access these materials.

Keep an eye on business-boosting activity

Many state and local jurisdictions are implementing mandatory legislation surrounding energy use benchmarking. Other jurisdictions, plus some associations, are promoting Portfolio Manager benchmarking and ENERGY STAR certification through voluntary campaigns. These policies and campaigns impact tens of thousands of buildings and present business opportunities for you.

Differentiate yourself through EPA recognition

EPA offers several ways for you to get recognized for your good work. In addition to being listed on the ENERGY STAR website, you can also get your work highlighted on the site via success stories and certified building profiles. And for those SPPs who really go above and beyond, EPA will provide the highest recognition available to any partner: an ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year Award.

Get added to the ENERGY STAR directory of Professional Engineers and Registered Architects

If a Professional Engineer or Registered Architect in your organization has verified and stamped the certification application for a building that has successfully earned the ENERGY STAR, the individual and your company can be listed in the online directory of Professional Engineers and Registered Architects.

EPA refers partners to this list to find Professional Engineers and Registered Architects to verify their applications for ENERGY STAR certification.