ENERGY STAR sales tools for service and product providers

The next time you go on a sales call, either with a new prospect or an existing client, use the following materials to educate your audience about what you can offer them through ENERGY STAR.

Make the business case for ENERGY STAR certification

Provide your clients with the business case for energy efficiency and the 10 reasons why they should pursue ENERGY STAR certification.

Demonstrate your knowledge of market changes and events

Many state and local jurisdictions are implementing mandatory legislation surrounding energy use benchmarking. Other jurisdictions, plus some associations, are promoting Portfolio Manager benchmarking and ENERGY STAR certification through voluntary campaigns. These policies and campaigns impact tens of thousands of buildings. Stay on top of the trends by periodically checking in with EPA’s lists of mandatory and voluntary programs leveraging ENERGY STAR and industry initiatives.

Provide an overview of your recommended approach

Walk your clients and prospects through the proven seven-step approach you will use, based on the steps in the ENERGY STAR Guidelines for Energy Management for service and product providers.

Leave behind sector-specific marketing flyers

Distribute these documents to your customers and potential customers to show them how SPPs can help make energy decisions that are good for their bottom line and the environment. Each flyer has sector-specific messages that will resonate with your prospective clients:

Leave behind ENERGY STAR publications

EPA produces printed and online publications that your clients and prospects may find useful. Visit our publications library to place an order at no cost.

Create a customizable marketing brochure

SPP partners gain access to numerous co-branding materials to leverage your partnership with ENERGY STAR. These materials highlight the expertise of SPP partners in delivering improved facility energy performance, financial savings, and helpful energy information services to energy users in specific commercial and institutional sectors. Contact your SPP account manager to access these materials.