Tie it all together in a campaign

An effective way to bundle your energy-efficiency efforts is to launch a campaign. One “big idea” can give shape and purpose to the rest of your activities, from encouraging members to benchmark, to setting a goal, delivering training, and developing all of your related communications.

Host a competition

Hosting an energy-savings competition is a proven approach to motivate change among a group of participants.

  • Use the ENERGY STAR Energy Efficiency Competition Guide to work out the logistics and details of your competition
  • Visit our section on motivating with a competition to find:
    • Existing competitions that your members might join
    • Best practices and lessons learned from other competitions, such as Louisville’s Kilowatt Crackdown, Chicago’s Green Office Challenge, and Cushman & Wakefield’s Environmental Challenge
    • Information about EPA’s ENERGY STAR National Building Competition, a nationwide contest among commercial buildings to see who can reduce their energy waste the most

Launch a campaign

You might also consider developing a campaign or community-based program to use as the platform for delivering your energy efficiency messages. This might be as simple as a catchy slogan that acts as the organizing principle and helps drive the types of resources you offer. Or it might be a major initiative with a large web presence that challenges members to save and rewards organizations that meet goals. No matter what you choose, make sure your marketing or communications person is included on the team. He or she will have valuable insight into the campaign messaging and help you reach the broadest audience possible.