Top small cities of 2014

Why should big cities get all the glory? Small cities and towns have plenty to be proud of, too, including many of our nation’s most energy efficient buildings.

2014 rankMetro areaENERGY STAR
Certified Buildings
in 2013
Total Floor Space (sq. ft.)Annual Cost SavingsEmissions Prevented
(Equal to __ Homes'
Annual Electric Use)
1Elizabethtown, Ky.532,357,760$1,950,1002,125
2St. George, Utah362,956,260$2,075,5001,248
3Chambersburg, Pa.161,488,630$1,161,1001,027
3Owensboro, Ky.161,054,260$574,400656
4Bloomington, Ill.141,141,770$744,1001,091
4Martinsville, Va.141,221,400$745,300682
5Springfield, Ohio121,107,080$448,600472
6Crescent City, Calif.11427,710$235,500125
7Decatur, Ill.7233,740$172,700233
7Glenwood Springs, Colo.7602,950$308,500439
7Juneau, Alaska7700,150$400,600203
8Elkhart, Ind.6761,610$361,400385
8Wenatchee, Wash.6292,030$95,000133
8Stillwater, Okla.6306,860$132,800195
8Warsaw, Ind.6913,840$479,400434
9Torrington, Conn.5389,910$378,400133
9Billings, Mont.5356,630$231,600178
9London, Ky.5156,010$27,30068
9Watertown, Wis.5456,000$250,800200
9Charleston, Ill.5150,780$46,00078
9Marietta, Ohio5362,810$99,000111
9New Castle, Ind.5223,540$227,800204
10Punta Gorda, Fla.4554,070$279,400208
10Bowling Green, Ky.4357,140$272,600274
10Jackson, Miss.4382,150$348,500324
10Santa Fe, N.M.4420,880$435,200388
10Richmond, Ky.4271,740$95,200124
10Mount Airy, N.C.4129,870$128,600126
10Muskogee, Okla.4148,300$102,300117
10Plymouth, Ind.4305,020$243,900256
10Yankton, S.D.4299,280$148,200187


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#1 Los Angeles  
#2 Washington, DC  
#3 Atlanta  
#4 New York  
#5 San Francisco  
#6 Chicago  
#7 Dallas-Fort Worth  
#8 Denver  
#9 Philadelphia  
#10 Houston