Create reports and graphs

With Portfolio Manager’s reporting capabilities, you can easily interpret and graph your results. You can also download your data into either Excel or XML to run your own analyses.

Use Portfolio Manager reports to prioritize activities and investments, identify trends, share information with others, and establish more robust benchmarks.

Choose from eight standard reports

For a quick look at common performance metrics, choose from one of eight standard reports in Portfolio Manager:

  • Performance Highlights
  • Energy Performance
  • Emissions Performance
  • Water Performances
  • Fuel Performance
  • ENERGY STAR Certification Status
  • Sustainable Buildings Checklist
  • Partner of the Year Report

Or customize your own report

You can also select from dozens of available metrics to create your own custom report. Our report builder will help you set up everything:

  • Choose your time period – Select a single 12-month period, or compare two different periods. 
  • Choose your properties – Choose which properties you want to include, using filters on property type, group, and location to help find the right properties in your portfolio.
  • Choose your metrics – Choose from an extensive list of elements to include in your report. These elements are grouped into the following categories to make it easy for you to find what you need:
    • Property Information
    • Property ID Numbers
    • Property Use Details
    • Energy Use by Fuel Source
    • Data Accuracy
    • Energy Performance Metrics
    • Cost Performance Metrics
    • Water Performance Metrics
    • Greenhouse Gas Emissions
    • Renewable Energy & Green Power
    • ENERGY STAR Certification
    • Property Design
    • Target Metrics
    • Sustainable Buildings Checklist
    • Data Center Metrics

You can run reports for any properties that are in your account, plus properties that other users have shared with you.

Portfolio Manager’s report capabilities also make it easy to share your data or request data from others.

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