Share energy goals and progress

Transparency is the first step to getting the people inside your building interested in what you’re doing. When you share your energy goals and progress toward saving, you’ll help them sit up and take notice of your efforts.

Share your energy efficiency goals

Have an energy policy? Why not email it around or post it in common areas? Likewise, if you’ve set an energy-savings goal, promote it not only to your energy team and management, but to your building occupants as well. After all, they can’t help you achieve your goal if they don’t know it exists.

Keep score

Display your ENERGY STAR score or monthly energy use in the lobby, elevators, and other high-traffic areas, post it online, or distribute it as part of a regular report. Update it monthly to keep occupants up-to-date on your progress toward achieving your goals. 

One popular idea with many ENERGY STAR partners is to create an energy “scorecard” with an easy-to-read summary. If you have multiple buildings in your portfolio, publically posting energy use information or their best-to-worst ranking is a great way to inspire competition among buildings.

Posting signage about saving energy in Morrison Hall at UNC-Chapel Hill.Student posting energy efficiency notice on campus.

Example energy scorecard showing high ENERGY STAR score.
Example scorecard used by Gresham-Barlow School District to track the energy performance of its schools and educate students and the community about energy efficiency. The district posts monthly ENERGY STAR scores for all schools on its online Energy Center.