This two-page fact sheet gives a big-picture overview of how to save energy in restaurants, additional resources to consider, and two real-world success stories.

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This presentation explains how Dome-Tech assissted Merck in energy conservation through retrocommissioning.

This presentation explains how Armstrong International, Inc. assissted Pfizer with energy efficiency in regards to process vs. program.

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Varo Engineers implements phased-in lighting system upgrade at Owens Corning plant in Newark, Ohio, saving $270,000 annually in electricity and maintenance.

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tekWorx implemented an adaptive control system saving Schering-Plough $150,000 per year.

Southwestern Petroleum Corporation (SWEPCO) captures "low-hanging fruit" with superior lubricants for Intertape Polymer.

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Siemens installs energy efficiency improvements and saves assembly plant over $4 million per year in energy costs.