DataTrends: Energy Use in Wastewater Treatment Plants

This 2-page factsheet summarizes the energy, operational, and property characteristics of wastewater treatment plants benchmarking in Portfolio Manager. Other statistics are also presented in an easy-to-read format.

The factsheet is part of the Portfolio Manager DataTrends series, which uses the data available in Portfolio Manager to examine benchmarking and trends in energy and water consumption in hundreds of thousands of U.S. commercial buildings.

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Interested in partnering with EPA to become an ENERGY STAR Energy Efficiency Program Sponsor (EEPS)? Utility and energy delivery organizations can use this packet to review eligibility criteria and fill out a Partnership Agreement. Return the signed agreement to EPA for consideration as an EEPS partner.

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Use this directory to find Energy Efficiency Program Administrators who run regional or sector-based programs to promote energy efficiency. The directory lists programs and organizations that provide incentives, expert help, and benchmarking assistance, plus those that Portfolio Manager web services.