Pearl Street LED Lighting Systems helps Merck upgrade lighting to 100 percent LED at their aviation hanger, reducing lighting energy by over 75 percent.

E4E Solutions & Alcoa completed lighting system upgrades to save 30-50% in energy and reduce maintenance costs.

ChemTreat partners with Eastman Chemical Company to save over 17,000 MMBtu/year from refrigeration.

Solution Dynamics’ upgraded compressed air system controls save AGCO over $40,900 annually.

Thumbnail of background document on verification process for ENERGY STAR building applications

This 5-page background document summarizes the process for verifying applications for ENERGY STAR certification. It also addresses the rationale for requiring that only licensed professionals (professional engineers and registered architects) can verify and stamp applications, and solicits input on this requirement. The deadline for submitting comments has closed. Thank you for your feedback. 

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The LP guide provides everything you need to know about verifying applications for ENERGY STAR certification. It outlines the step-by-step process and is required reading if you’re verifying applications for ENERGY STAR certification.

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This presentation explains how Dome-Tech assissted Merck in energy conservation through retrocommissioning.