Portfolio Manager DataTrends

EPA's Portfolio Manager is changing the way commercial organizations track and manage energy. With increased market adoption over the last several years, Portfolio Manager has become the standard national platform for benchmarking energy use and recognizing the most energy-efficient buildings in the United States.

EPA prepared the DataTrends series to examine energy and water benchmarking trends for the thousands of buildings in Portfolio Manager. The results of this diverse sample of buildings offer insights into the key drivers of energy use and the savings potential of benchmarking. In particular, EPA found:

  • Buildings that consistently benchmark energy use save an average of 2.4 percent per year.
  • Buildings achieved a total savings of 7 percent and an ENERGY STAR score increase of 6 points over the 3-year period of analysis.

The DataTrends Series includes a broad overview of energy use benchmarking in Portfolio Manager, highlighting general trends observed in the data, as well as more detailed looks into the benchmarking data for several types of buildings.

Benchmarking and Energy Savings answers the question, "Do buildings that consistently benchmark energy performance save energy?" with a look at buildings benchmarking in Portfolio Manager from 2008 through 2011. (Spoiler alert: The answer is yes!)

ENERGY STAR Certification explores trends among the buildings benchmarking in Portfolio Manager that have earned EPA recognition for top energy efficiency.

The series also includes a summary of the water use tracking data reported to Portfolio Manager.

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