Leaders recognition for your portfolio

NOTE: The Leaders recognition program has been put on hold. EPA is assessing options for how to grow and evolve this program to best meet the needs of our partners.

Owning one building that earns ENERGY STAR certification is impressive. But owning a whole portfolio of buildings that improved efficiency? That’s leadership.

Leaders achieve portfolio-wide resultsENERGY STAR Leaders

That’s why EPA developed ENERGY STAR Leaders recognition. Partners that are recognized as ENERGY STAR Leaders achieve either:

  • Reductions of 10 percent, 20 percent, 30 percent (or more) portfolio-wide in normalized energy use
  • An average ENERGY STAR score of 75 or better portfolio-wide. Partners who meet this goal are recognized as Top Performers.

Eligibility requirements

To be eligible for recognition as an ENERGY STAR Leader, a business or organization must:

  • Be an ENERGY STAR partner;
  • Own two or more facilities that are eligible to receive a 1-100 ENERGY STAR score using EPA's national energy performance rating system found in Portfolio Manager; and
  • Have total ratable space comprising at least half of the total square footage owned.

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