Become an ENERGY STAR partner

As part of your partnership commitment, you agree to:

  • Measure, track, and benchmark energy performance
  • Develop and implement a plan to improve energy performance, adopting the ENERGY STAR strategy
  • Educate your staff and the public about your partnership and achievements with ENERGY STAR

To apply:

Becoming an ENERGY STAR partner is easy. Simply fill out an ENERGY STAR Partnership Agreement. There's no cost to partner with ENERGY STAR or use ENERGY STAR promotional materials.

Partnership agreements for:


Membership bodies of individuals or organizations formed to accomplish one or more common purposes.

Organizations that own/manage/lease buildings or plants

Public, private, or government organizations with buildings, religious worship facilities, or manufacturing/industrial plants that want to improve the energy efficiency of the facilities that they own, manage, operate or lease.

Service and product providers

Organizations that provide energy efficiency services and/or products to commercial buildings and industrial manufacturing plants in the United States, including architects, distributors, energy consultant/energy management services companies, energy improvement contractors, energy information services, energy services companies, engineering, equipment manufacturers, financial services companies, on-site energy production services, unregulated energy retailers and marketers.

Small businesses

Privately owned and operated businesses (including home-based) with a small number of employees and relatively low volume of sales (as defined in the United States by the Small Business Administration on an industry-by-industry basis).

Utilities and energy efficiency program administrators

Utilities and independent third-party service providers and organizations who offer programs and/or services that support customer efforts to reduce energy consumption and improvement energy efficiency in commercial and industrial businesses and public facilities.

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