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Friday, April 19, 2013

Low Carbon IT Campaign Kicks Off 2013 with Organizations Pledging to Power Manage 360,000 Computers

The ENERGY STAR Low Carbon IT (LCIT) Campaign, a nationwide effort to assist and recognize organizations for reducing the energy consumed by their IT equipment, had a strong start to 2013, with 38 organizations pledging to power manage 360,000 computers in January 2013. Saving up to $50 per desktop annually, computer power management automatically places computers into a low-power “sleep” mode after a period of inactivity. The 38 organizations that pledged to power manage their computers in January will save over 90 million kWh – equivalent to:

  • $10 million annually in energy savings
  • Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of over 64,000 metric tons.

Past campaign participants include corporate leaders such as AT&T, Comcast, and Johnson and Johnson, along with hundreds of other businesses, state and local government organizations, colleges/universities and school districts, as well as numerous organizations in other sectors. In addition to public recognition, ENERGY STAR experts provide free one-on-one technical consultations to help managers determine the best way to activate power management features in any IT environment. Through this program, the EPA has helped organizations power manage their computers since 2001 – initially focusing on helping them place computer monitors into sleep mode. Overall, over 8.6 million computers have been addressed saving over 2.1 billion kWh in electricity, reducing energy bills by more than $245 million annually and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 1.48 million metric tons annually.

In addition to computer power management, the Low Carbon IT Campaign helps data center managers identify and implement energy efficiency measures that can reduce data center energy consumption by as much as 80%. With the help of ENERGY STAR, data center managers can

  • Access vendor-neutral information on energy efficiency measures through our brochure “Top 12 Ways to Decrease the Energy Consumption in Your Data Center”
  • Track and compare your data centers energy consumption to others across the country using EPA’s Portfolio Manager
  • Outfit your data center with energy-efficient equipment by looking for the ENERGY STAR label on servers, uninterruptible power supplies and, soon-to-come, data center storage.

To learn more, please go to the ENERGY STAR Low Carbon IT Campaign, see:

Products, homes and buildings that earn the ENERGY STAR label prevent greenhouse gas emissions by meeting strict energy efficiency requirements set by the U.S. EPA. In 2012 alone, Americans, with the help of ENERGY STAR, saved $24 billion on their energy bills and prevented greenhouse gas emissions equal to those of 41 million vehicles. To date, more than 1.4 million new homes and 20,000 office buildings, schools and hospitals have earned the ENERGY STAR label.