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2015 ENERGY STAR Awards Applications

  • General Instructions for All Applicants (PDF, 109KB I Word, 92KB)
  • Partner of the Year
    • Climate Communications (PDF, 100KB I Word, 79KB)
    • Energy Management (PDF, 138KB I Word, 125KB)
      • Supplemental Guidance for Building Partners (PDF, 275KB I Word, 1.3MB)
    • Multifamily High Rise Developer (PDF, 424KB I Word, 121KB)
    • New Home Builder (PDF, xxMB I Word, xxMB) (Available by August 31st, 2014)
    • Product Brand Owner/Manufacturer (PDF, 155KB I Word, 51KB)
      • Additional Guidance for Window, Door, and Skylight Product Brand Owner (PDF, 75KB I Word, 68KB)
    • Program Delivery (PDF, 219KB I Word, 61KB)
    • Retailer (PDF, 52KB I Word, 86KB)
    • Service and Product Provider (PDF, 179KB I Word, 54KB)
  • Excellence Awards
    • Affordable Housing (PDF, xxMB I Word, xxMB) (Available by August 31st, 2014)
    • ENERGY STAR Promotion (PDF, 163KB I Word, 52KB)
    • Lighting Retailer or Showroom (PDF, 90KB I Word, 66KB)